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Fishing Article: Catch A Record - Win A Million

06 Feb / 2012

Category: Miscellaneous Author: Clint C. Comments: 2

Catch A Record - Win A Million

Hook a record, win a million!

Mustad has a great promotion going on right now where you can win some serious cash for hooking a new record while using their hooks! Below was information taken from their website.

Haul in a Record. Haul off the Cash.

5 Chances to win

  • The first TWO Freshwater all tackle state records get $100,000 each
  • The first TWO Saltwater all tackle state records get $100,000 each
  • The first new IGFA all tackle world record gets $1,000,000*

Fish your favorite water on your schedule

  • Promotion runs from October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012
  • Contest registration starts September 1, 2011 and ends September 29, 2012
  • Register once 24 hours in advance of fishing
  • Fish with any Mustad Hook
Choose from 10 Fresh and Salt Species
Largemouth Bass Coho Salmon** Kelp Bass
(Calico Bass)
White Crappie Striped Bass**

** Indigenous to both
Fresh and Saltwater with
specific records for each.

Red Drum
Walleye Spotted Seatrout
(Speckled Trout)
Channel Catfish Yellowfin Tuna

We're not sure about you guys but how awesome would it be to not only catch a record but also get rewarded for it. There has to be new state records out there just waiting to be found.

For all you largemouth bass fisherman we'll give you a tip. Most lunkers are caught between 8-15ft of water. Of course that rule doesn't apply to all of them, but most studies done have shown this to be true. GET AT IT!

1 discussion(s):

Guest - All records this year - 7 years Ago

So far this year all records that have been broken have not been using a mustad hook!


Guest 7 years Ago

It doesn't really matter. All the companies equipment you were using will probably pay good money for you to mention them as well.


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