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Fishing Article: In-Fisherman Critical Concepts - Largemouth Bass Fundamentals

26 Jan / 2012

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In-Fisherman Critical Concepts - Largemouth Bass Fundamentals

For Christmas this year I was very pleased to see I had gotten almost everything fishing related! This included the critical concepts books for largemouth bass by In-Fisherman. I was excited because after this past year of fishing I really wanted to learn as much as I could about bass over the winter so I can be more prepared for the 2012 season! These books come in a 3 part series.

  1. Critical Concepts 1: Largemouth Bass Fundamentals
  2. Critical Concepts 2: Largemouth Bass Location
  3. Critical Concepts 3: Largemouth Bass Presentation

I recently finished reading Critical Concepts 1 and wow was I impressed with the amount of information I learned from reading it!


First thing I noticed while just skimming the pages was how detailed and technical the information seemed. What I noticed was right. This book does a great job of covering everything in depth. Whether you want to learn bass patterns for certain seasons, different bodies of water that bass live in, how weather effects bass, how water temperature effects bass, well the list can go on and on but you get the drift. Everything in this book is explained from a lot of experience and scientific research. It has a great flow from beginning to end. Don't try to take it all in at once though. Take your time reading it, understand it, and I truly believe it will improve your fishing success dramatically. Especially for beginner bass fisherman. I'm going to go over some of my favorite parts of the book. Mostly those sections you see in the photo that are book marked!


Or better known as spawning time is one of the best times to fish for bass. Of course everyone knows that and it's no big secret. It's also a controversial time to fish. This book does a great job of covering it all in depth. How catching spawning fish can effect a body of water. What the average temperatures are for bass to start spawning. They break up the USA into certain regions and give estimates of what months spawning occurs. Where to locate pre spawn, spawning, and post spawn fish. Read it all slowly and you will definitely pick up on things you probably didn't know before.

Calendar Period Regional Timetable

Wow that's a mouthful, a mouthful you definitely want to memorize. In-Fisherman has used their experience to create this table and break up every year of bass fishing into 10 seperate seasons.

  1. Prespawn
  2. Spawn
  3. Postspawn
  4. Presummer
  5. Summer Peak
  6. Summer
  7. Postsummer
  8. Fall Turnover
  9. Coldwater
  10. Winter

Sorry, I'm not going to give you the actual table of when these seasons occur, but this gives you an idea that there are so many more seasons for fishing than just the normal 4 the rest of the world takes into consideration. This book does a great job of explaining when these seasons occur, the bass' mood in each season, and where to locate them. I found this information to be an invaluable base to locating bass and how to go about catching them.

Solunar Table

This turned out to be a far more controversial subject than I ever thought. This book does an excellent job of explaining moon phases and the major and minor times and how it effects bass. This chapter I may take my time and read through again. There was so much scientific information to absorb I felt they should have given a test at the end of it all to make sure you understood it.

Water Conditions

If you've ever wondered how water temperature, clarity, pH levels, oxygen levels and more effect bass you won't have any questions left after you get through reading the book. There are some VERY important facts and observations this book shares that can save you a lot of time on the water when looking for bass. For example: Did you know bass can not see below certain depths depending on the clarity of the water? This book tells you how to calculate the maximum depth bass will be at on any given day in any lake. Also if you don't know what the major "Clines" are in water, you need this book just for that reason.

Weather Conditions

Don't think it has a huge effect on bass? You're wrong. I learned just from this one book the base of how wind, temperature fluctuations, rain, storms and more effect bass not only on a daily basis, but an hourly basis. It's knowledge that is a must have by all serious bass anglers.

Final Thoughts

I know I didn't go into too much detail, but I'm pretty sure In-Fisherman would want you to buy the book instead of me quoting all of the major important factors. There is one tool in a lot of fisherman's tackle boxes that is missing. That tool is knowledge of the fish they are trying to catch. Once you learn how bass act, react, live and survive your success rate on the water will increase dramatically. The only magic lure for bass is time on the water and knowledge, and this book gives you everything you need for the second part of that.

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Guest - daniel lebron - 7 years Ago

best book of all times must read gives every details and every concepts and tactics and most of all they share there secrets of fishing big bass.!!!!!!


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