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Fishing Article: Mystery Tackle Box - September Edition

15 Sep / 2012

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Mystery Tackle Box - September Edition

It's no secret fisherman love buying every lure they can get their hands on. There is also no doubt that it can get very expensive. It can be hard to pick and choose what lures you want to spend your hard earned money on. For this reason we as fisherman tend to buy what has worked for us in the past, or something a friend said is the "magic lure". It's time to break that mold, and Mystery Tackle Box helps with that.

What is mystery tackle box?

It's a monthly Christmas gift! At least that's what it seems like to me. Actually it's a monthly tackle membership club. Here's what they say on their website.

Mystery Tackle Box is a monthly subscription service that introduces both beginner and expert anglers to new fishing lures and tackle. In addition to receiving fishing lures, you will also receive a "bait card" that will explain a little more about each bait you receive.

Sound cool? It is.

We just got our first box this past week and it was packed with 5 different pieces of tackle that were much more well thought out than expected.

September Mystery Tackle Box

This was our first month getting the box. I was very impressed with the tackle I got. It was well thought out with one thing pairing with another. First let's start with the packaging.

Once you get the box it is very nicely packed (sorry the chatterfrog snuck to the top) with note cards on top that explain each piece of tackle in the box. It really gives you the feel that you're getting something really special and cool. All the tackle is in its normal packaging just like you would get it from the store. So the first thing you'll notice are the note cards. The note cards give you some information on the tackle and also the retail price of each item. Very cool addition to the box for new anglers. Let's get down to what tackle we got this month!

Strike King Football Jig & Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Chunk

Strike King Football Jig and Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Chunk

Remember earlier when I said how well thought out the box is? This is the first reason why. Not only do you get the jig, but a pack of trailers that match with it perfectly. The jig was 1/2oz which is a great in-between weight for any lake you fish. The color selection was also a good all around color. The Xcite Raptor Tail Chunk matched with the jig perfectly.

Strike King Football Jig and Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Chunk

The trailer had great action and texture. The claws flapped and actually seemed to significantly slow the rate of tall on the 1/2oz jig, which at the lake I usually fish is important. The fish love a slow falling lure with great action. Even though a football jig is not traditionally used as a swim jig I loved the way this jig and trailer moved through the water when I did swim it. So, so far.. Very impressive first two pieces of tackle.

Powerteam Lures Sick Stick & The Original WackOjig

Powerteam Lures Sick Stick and Wackojig

Reason number two of why I thought this box was so well thought out. The PowerTeam Lures Sick Stick and the WackOjig almost seemed like they were made specifically for one another. Everyone loves a senko and the Sick Stick is something I would have never bought simply because I have so many packages of Yamamoto senkos sitting in my garage. The cool thing was that with the sick sticks you get a small tube of their Hog Tonic scent. (Be warned... Do NOT open it indoors!) The hog tonic is a very strong garlic scent, which we all know that bass love. Obviously we paired up the Sick Stick and the WackOjig as seen in the photo below.

Powerteam Lures Sick Stick and Wackojig

The WackOjig is great. My favorite part about it is that the hook never goes through the lure. When wacky rigging a stick bait they get torn up very easily. This design obviously eliminates that. The jig also allowed the Sick Stick to flutter nicely on the fall which is most of the bites happen when wacky fishing. What I didn't think about at the lake was how versatile and creative you can get with this jig. Next time I'm out at the lake I'm also going to use it as a shaky head. This way the fish follow it down for the wacky rig sick stick, then when it's on the bottom I'll have a Z-Man Finesse worm on there for a shakyhead presentation. Speaking of Z-Man...

Z-Man ChatterFrog

Powerteam Lures Sick Stick and Wackojig

Everyone that I talk to or reads my blog knows I'm a huge fan of Z-Man plastics. I was very excited to see a ChatterFrog in my mystery tackle box. Again, this is something I just would not have spent my money on at the store even though it's a really great looking lure. This thing is really cool. I used it on light tackle and tossed it around weed lines and it worked great. Many people are already fans of the original Chatterbait, this lure is just a nice downsize of it. When the bite is tough this little lure may come in pretty handy. Great action and color!

Overall thoughts

AWESOME. I was so thrilled with everything I got in the box. It was all high quality lures, and again, very well thought out. I will definitely be keeping my membership for a long time and recommend everyone give it a try. Right now they have a promotion going on where you get your first box for only $4.99. You can't go wrong with that! Coupon Code: GET499

5 discussion(s):

Guest - Mystery Tackle Box - 7 years Ago

Not worth the postage! Daughter ordered it for me. Got my first today. Two lures of the type that sit in your tackle box until they rust and are thrown out. Two bags of rubbers (3worms & 3critters) which I might use if all else fails. They claimed the rubbers were worth $3+ per bag, which makes them the most $$ rubber bait I've ever seen.

Lures are geared to LM bass which is not a big target species here in the Northeast. Probably better for more southern climes.

Lots of adverts and come-ons in the package - now landfill fodder.

Maybe the next one will be better, but I doubt it. Suspect this is just a marketing scheme to get rid of bottom of the barrel tackle.


Guest 7 years Ago

This guy must be clueless on tackle. I have received many boxes, all worth way more than I paid, as well all quality products.


Guest 6 years Ago

Bass fishing is not popular in the Northeast?!

This guy has no idea what the heck he is talking about, bass fishing is HUGE in the Northeast and is a heavily targeted game fish.

Also, at $3/bag, those are some of the CHEAPEST worms out there.

Guy must be drunk.


Guest 5 years Ago

What kind of douche slams a service like this?

This is epic. Thanks for all the great product. And in case there are anglers out there who don't believe you can cross fish species with these baits they are probably not getting out enough. Read a little more and experiment with your baits before you put down a service this good.


Guest 3 years Ago

Junk samples. taking advantage of over zealous fisherman that like gadgets. Keep charging after you cancel. have to go through your bank to get it to stop, in the mean time they make $13 on every box until you have to force stop.


Guest - Tracking service - 7 years Ago

Takes at least 48 hours or 1-2 days to update tracking information. No info showing where the location of the box is. All it said is "in transit", but no exact location. Does not show the expected date of delivery. So why even have the tracking service anyways when it doesn't give you all the information you want?


Guest - Guest - 7 years Ago

They are awful! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I purchased a 3 month subscription for a gift and they sent it to the wrong address. I contacted them and no one can look up where it was sent and why. They keep telling me that they will have someone get back to me within 24 hours, but no one does. There obnoxious answering service totes about their awesome customer service, but it is a joke. Because if they did SOMEONE there would be able to help me!


Guest - other species - 7 years Ago

I don't care to bass fish do you have packages for other fish


Guest - Mystery Box - 8 years Ago

I went out yesterday and used the Sick stick on a drop shot rig and pulled in a couple of nice bass!

I have received 2 boxes so far and have to say it is well worth the money.

When I get word that these have shipped I can't wait to get home to see what I am getting.

During the winter though I will be just chomping at the bit for spring to come around.

I know I won't be able to get out and use everything quick enough. I might have to go and get a few more rods and reels to have them all rigged and ready to go.


Guest 8 years Ago

Haha yeah, I'm dreading the winter! It's so exciting getting the new box in the mail. It's going to kill me not being able to use the tackle right away!


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