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Fishing Article: Possible Wisconsin State Record Largemouth Bass Released

27 Aug / 2012

Category: Fishing News Author: Clint C. Comments: 1

Possible Wisconsin State Record Largemouth Bass Released

Gabriella Esperson caught and released what may have been a new Wisconsin state record largemouth bass. The fish measured 25.75 inches long, 20.06 inches in girth and weighed 11.05 pounds (on a non certfied scale). The previous record, or current record we should say, is 11.03 pounds.

Gabriella quickly released the fish back in the water at the undisclosed location near Edgerton, WI. "I knew this was an old fish and I had to let it go, whether it was a record or not," Gabriella said. "By releasing the fish it allows it to reproduce and continually grow, and hopefully others will do the same down the road.".

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