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Fishing Article: Ultimate Crappie Rig

26 Jan / 2012

Category: Tips & Techniques Author: Clint C. Comments: 0

Ultimate Crappie Rig

The ultimate crappie rig. According to Hank Parker he "created" the ultimate way to catch crappie. It's so simple to setup and couldn't be easier to fish!

What you need

  1. A classic Beetle Spin lure
  2. 1/8 ounce Jig head
  3. Berkley powerbait (preferably gulp) minnow

How to rig it

Take all 3 of the lures above and make them one.

Take the jig and trailer that came on the beetle spin off and put on your 1/8th oz jig head and put a gulp minnow on it.

Find the crappie, cast it out and reel it in! It's that easy. It's a nice little trick that works great.

It's also a good idea to back off your drag because of how easily the crappie can get off if you force them in.

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