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Fishing Article: Wild Bill's Hot Rods

24 Nov / 2012

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Wild Bill's Hot Rods

Winter is almost here and for many people that means it's time to pack away the fishing gear and hibernate. For others its time to pull out the winter clothes, bundle up and tough it out on icy cold days at the lake. Wild Bill's Hot Rods will make your fishing a little more bearable in with winter.

What is it?

Wild Bill's Hot Rods are a wrap that goes around the handle of your fishing rod. The wrap is heated and stays active for about 6 hours once activated. This pretty much eliminates the use of at least one glove, for me, both.

How it performed

Excellent! These things are great. Personally I can't stand wearing gloves while fishing. It just doesn't feel right to me. Also, my hands don't work well due to my injury and gloves are really a pain in the rear to get on. The packaging was easy to open and the wrap was very easy to get on the rod. I tested it on a spinning reel, it would probably be a little more difficult to get on a baitcaster. As far as the keeping your hands warm part, it works perfectly. My rod hand did not get cold at all while using the wrap. I actually took the second wrap and put it in my jacket pocket to warm up my other hand. They of course do add bulk to the handle of your rod but I still felt more in control of the rod then I do when wearing gloves. Just like advertised they lasted for about 6 hours. I personally wouldn't spend more time than that on the water in the winter, but for those of you that do don't worry. There are two per pack!

Just to let everyone know I've always had poor circulation in my hands. They get cold pretty much instantly when the temps start dropping below ~45 degrees. Gloves actually don't work well for me. These rod wraps do the trick. My hands were warm all the way to my finger tips the whole time I used them.


If your in the group I mentioned earlier that toughs it out in the winter then the wraps are a must have on a cold day! I wasn't too sure about how well they would work but now I am completely sold. They work and work very well and as advertised. They are $19.99 per pack of two. If you see me out on the water in the next few months you will definitely see one of these wraps on my rod! Plus the camo design is pretty cool! Click the image below to check them out or go to

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