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Fishing Article: Z-Man Finesse Worm & Mid Summer Bass Fishing

17 Aug / 2012

Category: Bass Fishing , Tips & Techniques Author: Clint C. Comments: 2

Z-Man Finesse Worm & Mid Summer Bass Fishing

Have the bass been lazy for you with all this hot weather? It's no secret that as oxygen depletes in lakes bass get sluggish. This also makes them harder to catch, unless you have a Z-Man finesse worm tied on. This has been my go-to magic worm when the times have gotten tough this year.

My usual lake I fish at gets a lot of fishing pressure. When summer sets in not only do the weather and water conditions make it more difficult to catch bass, but the amount of people fishing makes it worse too! On the weekends you can find yourself trying to squeeze in somewhere along the shoreline. If this at all sounds familiar to you then hopefully what I've figured out and had much success with this year will work for you too!

What you'll need
Where to fish it

Like I stated above for the lake I fish the shallow water gets slammed with pressure. So for me it's important to make long casts and find deep offshore structure. If you have a map of your lake find the deepest drop off and you'll usually find fishing hanging on it somewhere. Now I could get into location a lot further (regarding thermocline), but were not going to worry about that right now. We really just want to learn about this technique that works when others don't. So let's learn how to fish it.

How to fish it
  1. Drop Shot - The best part of this rig is how versatile it really is. Let's start by saying I usually set the leader length (section of line from hook to the weight) at about 2 1/2-3ft. I fish from shore and the weeds at my lake usually grow to about 2-3ft off the bottom. So this leader length keeps the worm right at the top of the weed line. Another reason the Z-man finesse worm is perfect for drop shotting from shore is because it's made from their patented material "elaztech". This stuff floats amazingly! The VMC Spin Shot hook is light enough that the worm floats up off the bottom and stays above that weed line. I usually make as long of a cast as possible. This is where the light weight 6lb Sunline comes in handy. Even with the light weight I can fling this rig a mile (great line!). Watch your line closely as it sinks because a lot of your bites will come on the initial fall. If you don't get a bite on the fall, and once your weight hits the bottom, do not move it at all. Wait about 15 seconds (or more if you have the patience) before you wiggle your line for the first time. A lot of times a bass will follow it down and just stare at it once it settles. Then after you wait just do the slightest twitch of your line and you'll feel a couple taps! There's your bass! If you don't get bit through that initial fall and settle, move your lure about a foot or two. Then wait and wiggle it again. No bite? Rinse and repeat. A great thing about this is that you will feel every piece of structure on the bottom of the lake. As you're dragging it around (slowly) if you feel you're weight get hung up on something stop retrieving it and let it sit there. No bites? Wiggle it a little bit. No bite still? Move on. Most people feel a drop shot is for fishing vertically and keeping the lure in one area for a long time. With the Z-man worm I move it around quite a bit. For some reason the fish LOVE how this worm looks in the water on this rig.
  2. Mojo Rig (split shot) / Carolina Rig - This is a much more common way of fishing from the shore which means the fish have seen it a lot more (less bites). Still though, the Z-Man wormz out perform others! I like to set the length of line from weight to hook as the same height that the weeds grow off the bottom. When you set it up like this the worm stays right above that weed line (because they float.. elaztech!). I do get fish using this method, but not as many as I do on the drop shot! Just simply drag it slowly along the bottom letting it stop and float up once in a while. If you're line feels mushy/heavy or you feel a couple taps. There's your bass!
Why this worm works so well

I don't think there is one simple reason why I catch more fish on this lure than others. I do think one of the main reasons though is because it's different. The material it's made out of is patented and honestly I don't think many people at the lake are throwing it. This worm acts different in the water than others and it floats much better than other plastic "floating" worms. The fish see something different yet still natural looking and absolutely can not resist it. All I can say is give it a try. I honestly think on a day where you're not having much luck this worm will save your day. It's done so for me many times!

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Guest - Droppin - 7 years Ago

Thanx ,been scratching my head for the last week and a half trying to change up to something nobody else is throwing on my lake or just for something for the slooooooooooow bite going on right now .bought the equipment before the season but forgot about it ( never done )


ClintC 7 years Ago

It's really been working well for us all summer! Hope you get a few on it =0)


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