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13 Dec / 12

Category: Product Reviews Author: Clint C. Comments: 0

Mystery Tackle Box December 2012 - Go Finesse!

Well we got our December tackle from Mystery Tackle Box and I must say this is my favorite month yet! Don't get me wrong, all of the boxes have been amazing, but this one was catered to my favorite style of fishing. Finesse! Oh, and also an awesome jerk bait =0)

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24 Nov / 12

Category: Product Reviews Author: Clint C. Comments: 1

Wild Bill's Hot Rods

Winter is almost here and for many people that means it's time to pack away the fishing gear and hibernate. For others its time to pull out the winter clothes, bundle up and tough it out on icy cold days at the lake. Wild Bill's Hot Rods will make your fishing a little more bearable in with winter.

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14 Oct / 12

Category: Product Reviews , Fishing Line Author: Clint C. Comments: 2

Sunline Finesse FC Review

At ICAST 2012 Sunline introduced their new Finesse FC fishing line. As many of you know I fish finesse applications 90% of the time, and already being a huge fan of their Sniper FC line I knew this new line was going to be in my arsenal for the end of 2012 and the start of 2013. Sunline sent me a spool of 7lb line to test and here's what I thought.

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15 Sep / 12

Category: Product Reviews Author: Clint C. Comments: 10

Mystery Tackle Box - September Edition

It's no secret fisherman love buying every lure they can get their hands on. There is also no doubt that it can get very expensive. It can be hard to pick and choose what lures you want to spend your hard earned money on. For this reason we as fisherman tend to buy what has worked for us in the past, or something a friend said is the "magic lure". It's time to break that mold, and Mystery Tackle Box helps with that.

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27 Mar / 12

Category: Product Reviews , Fishing Line Author: Clint C. Comments: 70

Berkley NanoFil Review

There has been a lot of mixed feelings on the new Berkley NanoFil fishing line. Some people say it's not reliable, breaks at the knot easily. Others say it's amazing, it's strong and casts a mile. Here's what we thought about it.

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26 Jan / 12

Category: Product Reviews , Books Author: Clint C. Comments: 1

In-Fisherman Critical Concepts - Largemouth Bass Fundamentals

For Christmas this year I was very pleased to see I had gotten almost everything fishing related! This included the critical concepts books for largemouth bass by In-Fisherman. I was excited because after this past year of fishing I really wanted to learn as much as I could about bass over the winter so I can be more prepared for the 2012 season! These books come in a 3 part series.

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25 Oct / 11

Category: Product Reviews , Electronics Author: Clint C. Comments: 0

Humminbird SmartCast RF15 Review

The Humminbird® SmartCast™ RF15 Advanced Mobile Station may just be the shore anglers best friend. Those of us that fish from shore on a regular basis know how frustrating it can be to catch fish on almost any day of the week. The fish get pressured a lot, they are finicky and spooked easily, and they plain just don't seem to want to bite anything. So how can you find those fish holding to deep structure without a boat or electronics? Humminbird® came to our rescue.

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